Lisa, the Multipurpose Mom

They say a picture speaks a thousand words.  They also say beauty comes from within.  I believe these pictures speak the beauty that flows from within this lovely soul.  Lisa was so fun to work with.  She’s a lifestyle blogger who highlights fashion, motherhood, and a whole lot of other fun stuff over at Multipurpose Mom.  Beyond her fun side, she’s got a huge passion for helping others.  For this photo shoot, she highlighted clothing and accessories from Sak Saum, a ministry dedicated to the prevention, rescue, restoration, transformation, and rehabilitation of vulnerable and exploited women, men and children.  Be sure to check them out and support an amazing cause while grabbing some gorgeous, high-quality items!






Back to the 50’s

This is Emily (aka “Jeannie Von Jazz”), a 40’s and 50’s pin-up model and jazz singer from Lansing, Michigan.  She’s fairly new to the scene, but let me tell you – she’s the real deal, folks.  Her wholesome style and sweet personality were an honor to capture.  You can find more info about her on her facebook page!

{A special thanks to “Sweetie-licious Bakery and Cafe” and “The Crafted Bean” in DeWitt, Michigan for letting us hang out and snap some shots.  If you’re ever in the area, you must visit these two neighboring shops.  Your taste buds will thank you.}




It was a pleasure working with you, Ms. Jeannie Von Jazz.  Best of luck to you at your future competitions!

The Sweetest Garden Party

When I have the chance to snap photos of those I love, I take it.

My brother and sister-in-law recently threw their little one a first birthday party.  Theme: Garden Party.  My sister-in-law created floral crowns for the ladies and their daughters, and boutonnieres for the gentlemen and their sons.  It was the prettiest and sweetest first birthday party I’ve been to.  The whole house is a work of art, aside from the birthday decorations.  Each and every detail is like the stroke of a paintbrush.  So the garden party touches were the icing on the cake (literally)!

No, this isn’t an official personal branding shoot.  But I just love conveying details and artistic touches through photography.  These photos represent my style and exemplify what a personal branding shoot might look like for a food blogger, baker, caterer, or party planner.